Chrys Watches Game of Thrones


I’ll be reviewing Sleepy Hollow and Game of Thrones, episode to episode, as they come out and I’m hoping that with your help I can add more shows to my schedule. 
These reviews will be a more coherent and rational extension of my recaps and will be posted here.

How it works: Each month you can contribute a specific amount, think of it like a subscription for as low as a dollar a month. You get to choose how much you want to give and you get perks depending on that amount. (I am open to suggestions about more of them.)

Why do it: If you enjoy my recaps, you’ll probably enjoy my reviews and this would be a way for me to do more things, like new shows, older seasons of shows and maybe even movies. 

Wait, reviews? Well, since I use copyrighted material for my recaps, I’m going to do a text version of them which you can help fund. Not to worry though, recaps will continue for the shows I review.

I’m really excited for what this could potentially mean for the future and I’d be very grateful if you helped me see it through, even if it’s just by reblogging this link. <3

Anonymous asked: "I love you too. But not as much as I love Oberyn"

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Anonymous asked: "Not to be weird, but your reviews of the shows are protected under the Fair Use clause specifically under parody... what exactly is the problem?"

from what i read up on i can definitely use it but not to make a profit, otherwise the legality of it isn’t as clear

i’ll just have to write a review as well as the recap to be on the safe side :P

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Anonymous asked: "Hey i've only watched the first 2 seasons, (hope to start 3 soon) , do you think this blog is basically spoiler free at the moment? Thank you :3"

nope this isn’t a very spoiler free blog, unless you’ve blacklisted got s4 and still, I plant little (or bigger in the case of 1.01) mentions to spoilery things both from the show and the books (though I definitely try to hide the ones from the books so that only the spoiled can catch them)

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